Monday, May 6, 2013

Thank You to so many who helped me find my mojo again!

Hi Friends,

I know it has been absolutely eons since I have posted anything on my blog, but due to some very bad health issues and a major loss of my mojo, I just couldn't keep up a blog when I had nothing good to share. Well times are changing, and yes, I still have my health issues, but lately I have found that with support of some very wonderful family and friends, I am making some cards and again. I have been following with the latest craft items, enjoyed countless hours of others cards and creations, envied over new stamps, dies, and inks. I dont have a card to share with you yet, but hope to post one soon!

I first want to Thank a few crafty friends who have inspired me and Im happy to call my friends.

First is Vera  Yates, who has encouraged and inspired me through thick and thin. Her beautiful creations and upbeat attitude has really pulled me through some bad times.

The second person I would like to Thank is my dear friend Elizabeth Pujalka, the artist/owner of Soft Pencil Studios.  Elizabeth has such cute and happy stamps and she always has a kind word of encouragement for me.

Third is Jodie Mackrell, the artist/owner of Bugaboo Stamps  You will find many of my cards use Bugaboo Stamps (as well as Soft Pencil Studios) and I still use them all of these years later! Jodie is incredibly creative and her generosity of giving away a weekly digital freebie shows that she really thinks of her fans!

And last but certainly not the least is Curt, from Curt's World  who has shared his gorgeous creations and have given me inspiration to craft again. Curt's Wednesday Evening post and his giant schnauzers have made me smile for quite a while.

I am sure I am forgetting many others who have helped and inspired me along the way and you know I am not intentionally leaving you out, but Thank you to everyone who has helped when the times were really bad, and have inspired me to write this post. There are so many many creative people I have had the pleasure to follow  to keep up with the latest trends (such as Kathy Racoosin, Jennifer McGuire, Patricia St. Martin, etc).

As I write more posts here, I want to share with you some new friends and companies that are inspiring me to try new things, and get back to blogging again. I will share again as often as I can, but can not promise it will be daily.

Thank you again my dear friends who use your creative talent to inspire others, share a smile and generally make the crafty part of the world so much nicer!

Love you All !!



  1. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment!!! YOU encourage me! you´re a great friend! send you hugs!!! ♥

  2. Aw, thank you so much for your kind shout out, Andrea. I am glad I can help to get your mojo going. Can't wait to see your creations.

  3. Bless your sweet little heart! I am so touched by your sweet comment. I don't know how deserving I am of your praise, but it certainly does my heart good to know that I bring a smile to your face from time to time. That is what all of this card making and blogging is all about. I so hate that you are having health issues and if I had a magic wand I'd wave it and make them all disappear. Thank you again for the mention, you are very sweet, and I wish you much better health to come. Hugs, Curt

  4. HI Andrea! awww...thank you so much, what a great compliment! glad to hear you have your mojo back but sorry to hear about the health stuff =( cant wait to see your creations!

  5. I found your site by way of another blog and I'm glad I landed here! To read your blog post provided encouragement to me to keep moving forward. Take care and I will continue to follow your blog :)

  6. Andrea, wow I am so glad you are back, I have missed seeing you around and I am thrilled that you still love Bugaboo because we do too! I hope that your health continues to improve daily and that your mojo does not take another vacation! Thanks for your kind words on my card!

  7. What a lovely post for your caring friends to read. I will follow to see what cards you will be making in the future, and I wish you well with your health issues. Take care.
    Jo xx

  8. Hi Andrea, thank you for the lovely comment you left over at mine and its lovely to hear that you have found your mojo and will soon be back creating :) Donna ♥ x