Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Weather and Health Issues

Sorry I havent posted anything in the past couple days, but we are having yet another bout of bad weather here and it wreaks havoc on the diabetic neuropathy in my legs. Not only does it cause severe nerve pain, but along with swelling and paralysis and inability to walk, it keeps me from even wanting to come online to do my blog.

When I started my blog I was going to call it Coloring therapy because I use my coloring to help me through the times when my diabetic neuropathy acts up and gives me the worst pain. When the pain is so horrible, I color to take my mind off of it. Sometimes it works to help dull the pain, but it also helps me to focus on dealing with the stabbing pains and distracts me from actually yelling out or crying. It is a horrid disease that I would not wish on even most worst enemy and maybe dealing with this pain is why I have little tolerance for conflict/drama/nonsense that many seem to enjoy causing or having in their lives. I seem to have a "Life is too short" attitude now.

So Im sorry I have nothing to share today other than a look into my health, but I have colored some things and will try to post more tomorrow.



  1. Hugs Andrea you know I'm thinking of you

  2. Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear you are not well... Hope you will soon feel better and I keep you in my thoughts... Hugs and love from Catherine

  3. Hi Andrea, I hope you're feeling better soon! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blogs. Sending you hugs! :)