Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Well I have finally given in and created a blog! Please be patient with me as it is going to be a work-in-progress and I will learn as I go.

Let me introduce myself.... I am Andrea and I am a Mom of two fantastic teenagers and two absolutely adorable rescued dogs! We live in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA and I am a 'born and raised' black and gold sports fan!

I have created this blog in order to showcase a passion of mine which is Coloring. Yes, I said Coloring....but maybe not the way you may think when you hear the word coloring. Coloring probably is one of the very first life-skills that I learned and I color almost every single day. From my coloring I create cards....all sorts of cards... Birthday cards, Holiday cards, Note cards, Fancy folded cards, Sympathy cards.... you name it, I make it.

Why coloring? It relaxes me. It creates images that practically come to life on paper. I can create images for greeting cards and use my colored images to put a smile on a someone's face. I use many different types of media and hope to share some of my work here with you. I color images of all types. From rubber stamps to digital images and alterable items. If I can color it, I usually do!

I hope to make some new friends and make contact with many that I have met along the way when I color. I will try my hand at some tutorials of items that I make and hope to learn some from you too!

I will also be using this blog to share news of different groups which have exciting news to share. I will also list some of my favorite 'Go To' sites if you are looking for something specific. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. If I don't know the answer, I will find out the answer for you! Iknow many talented folks and between us, we have a ton of fun things to share.

I hope you enjoy my blog and stop back often. Please feel free to sign up as a follower and leave a comment or two if you like. As I mentioned before, I am still learning about blogging. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

So get out your favorite coloring tools, relax and color like the kid you are inside!



  1. Way to go Andrea... well done and welcome to Blogland. You're going to have such FUN! hugs Sharon x

  2. Fabulous! I'm honored and very happy to be a new follower and you know that I am totally thrilled about the new group.

    Like you I can totally relate to how relaxing coloring can be, it's such a joy and my passion!

    My best wishes to you!


  3. Woo hoo!! I told you finding a name was the hardest part.. lol!! Look at you now!!! Love it and love you!!

  4. Hi, Andrea! See you took the plunge!! Love it. I guess I need to do one, too. I'm gonna try and talk my sister, Rochelle, into doing it with me. She is an awsome scrapper and card maker.

  5. Yay!! You created a blog!! YAY!!!